Brain Freeze Naked liquid incense


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Brain Freeze Naked liquid incense


Brain Freeze What makes Brain Freeze E-Liquid by Naked 100 so outstanding? Naked 100 held the view that all the smooth, natural flavours should be kept while all the filler should be eliminated.

In doing so, they created delectable flavours that are sweet and luscious and provide 100% satisfaction and pure flavour.

They worked hard to produce an e-liquid as close to the real fruit as they could when making Brain Freeze Naked Liquid Incense.

Slices of chilled kiwis wreck frosty havoc in your clouds, while slices of frozen strawberries shower a hail of flavour on your vape tank.

And to complete this mentholated trifecta, the real Fruit of the Dead of the Underworld…

The tantalising pomegranate! This macabre fruit, which is imported directly from Hades’ lair, arrives in each freezing blast bearing the icicles of Hell and is prepared to surprise you with icy clouds.

With every puff, Brain Freeze aims to deliver the highest level of satisfaction by offering a flavour that stands out from the competition.

Providing a mouthwatering e-liquid that will tempt your taste buds and sooth your nose with each enticing puff you take!

For outstandingly menthol fruit flavour that meets your craving for an icy strawberry, Naked 100 needs no introduction.

Grab a bottle of Brain Freeze naked Liquid incense  Ejuice by Naked 100 right away to fill your tank with sweet and cold frozen fruit clouds to satisfy your chilly kiwi and undead pomegranate cravings!

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