Flower Power


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Flower Power

The strongest herbal XTC available is found in Flower Power Herbal Ecstasy tablets. Flower Power, which contains a potent blend of herbs, caffeine, and vitamin B, will get you moving! Get ready to party all night long by buy your  Herbal Ecstasy capsules right now.

Flower Power’s effects

This  tablets give you a rush similar to ecstasy by combining a high dose of vitamin B with caffeine. For four to six hours, it keeps you partying and allowing you to experience the love.

This pills come in packs of six. Two to three capsules are sufficient for one person’s dosage. On an empty stomach, take the Herbal Ecstasy pills with water or fruit juice. The romantic mood will start to fade after 45 to 60 minutes.

Ingredients: This pills  comes in packages of six capsules. Each capsule has 20 mg of niacin, vitamins, and a combination of caffeine.

Keep out of children’s reach. Take it neither while nursing a baby nor while pregnant. If you have any physical or mental health issues, avoid taking it. Avoid combining with alcohol, medications, or other substances.

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